Data Center Migration & Modernization for an Airline

A leading domestic airline hosted their applications in two aging, on-site data centers near the airport itself. Migrating primary applications to an off-site collocated data center would allow adoption of…

Modernizing an Airline Crew Accommodation System

A leading domestic airline needed to replace the legacy system that managed crew hotel accommodations and ground transportation due to its stability issues and capability limitations. Replacing this end-of-life system…

Product Definition and Growth Business Case Development.

Product Definition and Growth Business Case Development

A provider of specialized health services had ambitious growth goals that included hospital joint ventures, acquisitions, and the building of new health centers. They were also interested in exploring growth…

Establishing a Strategy to Maximize Workforce Productivity

A Fortune 500 airline wanted to reshape their workforce strategy to meet rising demand as airline travel began to improve during COVID recovery. The client wanted to focus on attracting,…

Data Organization Upskilling Program for a Large U.S. Bank

A large U.S. bank faced a shortfall of nearly 400 employees across their tech organization. One of the biggest areas of need was within their data teams, where employees had…

Management System

Human Capital Management System Implementation for a Major U.S. Airline

A leading domestic airline carrier was replacing an aging human capital management and payroll system with a new, more agile platform. As part of this transformation, a new enterprise resource…

Photo of blocks with security locks on them connected to globes by illustrated lines

Restructured Large-Scale Security Program for Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Learn how Two Roads restructured this financial institution's $100M+ security program to address critical cyber, data, and technology vulnerabilities.

Digital Retail Transformation for Automotive Manufacturer

Two Roads helped this OEM transform how their dealers sold vehicles online and in-store.

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