A leading automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) was merging two business units’ IT operations. As a part of this consolidation, a data center migration program was established to migrate all applications to new infrastructure, improve performance, and build a technology foundation to support the future.

Two Roads was involved in the program from inception all the way through sunsetting both data centers. Because the company was moving out of and selling both buildings, the program had an aggressive 2-year schedule to complete the migration. The firm’s approach to these types of programs is to bring in a small but experienced senior team utilizing as many client resources as possible to help build long term capabilities of the client teams. The Two Roads “swat” team of six structured and led the program, managed 200+ dedicated personnel across 4+ vendors, and ensured execution was completed on time and within budget. 

Strong governance, planning, change control, and constant communications were key to managing the complexity of such a large program. The results were 100+ core services built in the new next-generation data center, 400+ applications migrated, 220+ applications modernized, and two data centers sunset on time and within the original established budget.

The Outcome

  • Consolidated 2 production data centers into a single next-generation data center on time and on budget
  • Migrated 400+ applications while modernizing over 50% of the portfolio
  • Reduced operating costs and business risk with technical debt remediation, improved disaster recovery, and improved security