Industry: Health Care

Services: Product Strategy, Business Case Development


A provider of specialized health services had an ambitious growth strategy that included hospital joint ventures, acquisitions, de novos, and a new potential product — in-office physician joint ventures. To effectively scale, each of these products needed a clear definition.

Two Roads defined the key elements of the product structure – clinical, operational, compliance, etc. – including both the standard and acceptable variations. The team developed viewpoints on how each product played a role in both entry into new markets and growth within existing markets. The team also developed the business case for the in-office physician product.

The work resulted in leadership alignment on a comprehensive entry strategy for new markets, including ideal market landscape, target product structure, and areas where flexibility was acceptable. Key gaps in product definition were also identified, prioritized, and closed. Market parameters and economics for the new, in-office physician product were also formalized.

The Outcome

This health care organization is now the leading independent provider of specialized women’s health services in the nation.

  • >80% center growth since the work was completed. More than 5 million procedures performed
  • 10+ campus partnerships established with leading hospital networks from across the country
  • 90+ NPS Score with patients (industry-leading) with >75% annual compliance