A leading domestic airline hosted their applications in two aging, on-site data centers near the airport itself. Migrating primary applications to an off-site collocated data center would allow adoption of modern infrastructure, enable better performance, and mitigate disaster risk; however, a latticework of infrastructure and application integrations lead to significant planning challenges.

The airline asked Two Roads to manage the migration of networking services and provide guidance on how to structure application migration. Based on previous experience migrating data centers, Two Roads had already established an effective approach for coordinating infrastructure deployments and untangling the web of application interdependencies. 

The consulting firm leaned on this experience to proactively address the emerging challenges with migrating enterprise-level networking services, working side-by-side with the organization’s subject matter experts to eliminate any friction with adopting new infrastructure philosophies and leveraging intra-client relationships to fill in the gaps of application inventories. Two Roads also analyzed applications based on operational criticality, interdependencies, and infrastructure needs, then prioritized tranches of application migrations according to priority and interconnectivity across existing data centers.

Once infrastructure was completed at the new collocated data center, portions of applications were migrated to capitalize on the modernized infrastructure and improved performance. Due to the recent application inventory Two Roads had performed, the firm was able to fill in the gaps of knowledge and analyze a more complete picture of their interconnected systems, helping to avoid surprises during planning and resulting in a successful migration.

The Outcome:

  • Successful modernization of data center infrastructure, especially networking services
  • Minimized disruptions to individual application development through prioritized application plan for migration to the new data center
  • Mitigated disaster risk associated with data center being located near the airport and increased resiliency by diversifying data center locations