Two Roads Leadership Team

Meet the Team

Our clients choose us because of our talented and dedicated people. We share a vision for the type of firm we’re building, a passion for the work we get to do, and a commitment to investing in our community together.

Leadership Team

Scott Chiou​

Scott has been a leader in technology and consulting for 23+ years. He has deep expertise in structuring large transformation programs, operating model design, and organizational change. His industry experience includes consumer retail, healthcare, and energy.

Jeremy Dunford

Jeremy specializes in cost-driven transformation, operating model design, workforce strategies, and program management. He brings 17+ years of experience to the team, and his industry expertise includes technology, transportation, financial services, energy, and defense.

Cameron Jones

Cameron works with organizations to develop growth strategies, launch new initiatives, and build capabilities. He has 13+ years of experience in technology and consulting across industries including transportation, healthcare, finance and energy.

Sandhya Kambhampati

Sandhya drives organizational change with 17+ years of strategy and operations experience, primarily in the healthcare industry. Her expertise includes strategic planning, business case evaluation, organizational design, process optimization, and workforce strategy.

Matthew Kraxberger

Matt offers 17+ years of consulting and professional experience helping companies evaluate, plan, and execute performance improvement and transformation strategies. He has extensive experience within IT, supply chain, finance functions, and program management.

Eric Krchnak

Eric has 22+ years of experience in program leadership, information analytics strategy, and technology enablement across industries, including energy, healthcare, consumer goods, travel, and hospitality.

Sam Mabry

Sam brings 12+ years of experience in corporate finance and strategy consulting in his efforts to support business and technology alignment. He delivers solutions for technology implementation, operating model design, program value assurance, and productivity across multiple industries.

Denton Newham

Denton helps clients develop technology strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency. He has been in management consulting for more than 21+ years with experience across industries, including transportation, consumer, healthcare, finance, and education.

Seth Plunk

Seth is focused on partnering with clients on their IT strategy and operational efficiencies. His industry expertise includes healthcare, transportation, financial services, automotive, and retail. Seth brings 20+ years of experience to the team.

Kelly Purdom

Kelly brings 18+ years of consulting experience to the team. Her expertise includes IT strategy, program management, process optimization, workforce strategy, digital workplace solutions, training, and change management. She has worked across multiple industries, including energy, retail, and transportation.

Kevin Rammage

Kevin has deep functional expertise in technology strategy across industries, including consumer goods, education, retail, automotive, financial services, and energy. He brings 21+ years of experience to the team.

Gable Roby

Gable helps companies develop and execute workforce strategies, optimize processes, and manage change. She brings 17+ years of experience to the team, including eight years in management consulting and six years of IT transformation program experience.

Angela Whitman

Angela supports business growth through 21+ years of experience in system implementation, business intelligence & analytics, process improvement, technology transformation, and risk mitigation. She has worked across many industries such as transportation, financial services, and food & beverage.

Management Consultants

Olivia Asenime

Michelle Baran

Daniel Boerner

Matthew Bova

Blake Boyer

Blake Boyer

James Broussard

Nick Carlson

Craig Carter

Craig Carter

Caroline Davis

Caroline Davis

Mark Dorff

Mark Dorff

Dakota Easley

Eric Fultz

Eric Fultz

David Havala

Garrett Jones

Keith McHone

Keith McHone

Paul McNamara

Carson Miller

Sheerin Moayyad

Sheerin Moayyad

Aamer Rakla

Aamer Rakla

Matthew Rich

Matthew Rich

Hillary Rodgers

Jackie Robillard

Sam Shidler

Lauren Simpson

Ron Smith

John Stallé

Jordan Steward

Alexis Sutlief

Michael Szymanski

Michael Szymanski

Andy Ufheil

Will Verret

Will Verret

Taylor Weyland

Taylor Weyland

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