A provider of specialized health services had ambitious growth goals that included hospital joint ventures, acquisitions, and the building of new health centers. They were also interested in exploring growth through a new product – in-office joint ventures with physicians. The health services provider needed support to define their growth strategy as a whole while also determining if and how the new product supported their strategy.

Two Roads partnered with the health services provider to help the business effectively scale and achieve their ambitious goals. For the overall growth strategy, Two Roads worked with the leadership team to align on a comprehensive entry strategy for new markets, identifying the ideal market landscape, target product structure, and areas where they had flexibility. They determined that joint ventures with hospitals provided the greatest opportunity for growth and focused on these opportunities.

To determine the viability of the in-office joint ventures with physicians, Two Roads defined the key elements of the product structure – clinical, operational, compliance, etc. – and developed a business case. Two Roads ran various scenarios and found that these in-office joint ventures with physicians were a viable opportunity to break into a new market. The consulting team formalized market parameters and economics for this new product.

Through this business case and growth strategy, the health service provider has been able to grow into the leading independent provider of specialized women’s health services in the United States. They experienced over 80% growth in the five years since the work was completed, including 10+ hospital joint ventures, and have performed more than five million important procedures.

The Outcome:

  • Increased center growth by more than 80% in the five years since the growth strategy was developed
  • Expanded visibility in key markets by establishing 10+ partnerships with leading hospital networks from across the country
  • Performed more than 5 millions procedures with greater than 75% customer retention