A Fortune 500 financial institution identified a need to reduce potential cybersecurity and data risks. However, when the breadth and scope of the security program built to address critical cyber, data, and technology vulnerabilities outgrew the original project plan, the organization sought the assistance of a strategic partner experienced in digital program structuring and delivery. 

Two Roads was tasked by the financial institution to restructure a $100M+ program to improve visibility for leadership and efficiency across all involved teams. Before developing the program, the team conducted “empathy sessions” to gain a better understanding of line of business (LOB) pain points. Two Roads then established program governance to level set on goals, expectations, reporting, and KPIs. In addition, Two Roads established a dedicated team focused on program improvements in preparation for the program scope’s growth over time. The team further streamlined the program by separating out Run-the-Business (RTB) that comprised up to 25% of the total work. 

By addressing the vulnerabilities, avoiding cost overruns, and providing visibility to leadership, Two Roads was able to deliver greater value to the financial institution and institutionalize the cybersecurity and data risk management program. The resulting program ensured the highest priority work was executed to minimize risks and improve LOB experience through clearly articulated requirements and increased productivity. 


  • Prioritized key initiatives that reduced vulnerabilities by over 80%
  • Scaled the program while minimizing cost overruns and enhancing leadership visibility 
  • Institutionalized the program with robust processes and a sustainable governance model  
  • Improved the LOB experience by clearly articulating requirements, increasing productivity, and reducing the noise within such a large-scale program