Alexis spent her time as an engineer innovatively solving problems and leaning into her knack for using technology to make a positive impact on consumers. When she completed her MBA program, those skills and her degree enabled a seamless transition to consulting.

After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering, an area she was interested in because of her love for math and science, Alexis started her career with PepsiCo as a research and development engineer. She climbed the ranks as an R&D engineer, improving manufacturing processes, innovating products and processes, and developing technology in the search for the next big idea to delight consumers. Her technical knowledge and skills sharpened quickly. However, Alexis felt she could better develop her business acumen with an MBA with the University of Texas program in Dallas while continuing to work. 

Despite starting with no intention of leaving the engineering world, Alexis discovered new interests in her classes and realized she wanted to explore other opportunities. Consulting offered exposure to the variety of industries and skill sets she craved while allowing her to flex her current skills and bring order to whatever chaos a client is challenged with.

After interviewing with everything from massive global firms to small boutique firms, Alexis prioritized Two Roads. The Dallas area offered a diverse set of industries and major organizations to keep a consulting career interesting without having to travel away from family every week. The interviewers valued her critical thinking and how she approached problems, and offered reassurance that the skills she developed as an engineer would easily transfer.

Although hesitant at first to leave an engineering job she loved for the unknowns of consulting, Alexis has felt completely at home with Two Roads. She’s been able to immediately contribute to a data migration project for a major automotive manufacturer where she’s loved getting to learn a new industry, expand her business intelligence experience, and make a positive impact for the client. She feels supported by her team – an intelligent, diverse, and lively group – who make her perfectionist personality more comfortable with learning from failure. 

Alexis has all the tools to be a successful consultant – we’re proud of the growth she continues to achieve with Two Roads!