Years of corporate experience in project management and leadership roles led Angela to a crossroads: sacrifice the specialized work she enjoys doing or continue advancing her career. She chose a third option with Two Roads. As a consultant, Angela gets to focus on problem solving and strategic work she loves alongside a team who values her.

Angela’s unique education and career history reflect the variety of her interests and strengths. She originally attended Miami University as an art major, but developed an enthusiasm for anthropology. A pivot to anthropology then led to a master’s degree at Temple University with sights on a PhD, before the corporate world came calling. She started with marketing support roles and found a knack for more tech-focused, project management responsibilities. 

From there Angela’s career blossomed with leadership roles in process improvement and systems operations at Western & Southern Financial Group and The J.M. Smucker Company. In her combined nearly 14 years of experience with these companies, Angela developed and enhanced her strengths in project management, relationship building, leadership, problem solving, and business strategy. However, the further she advanced the further she felt from the hands-on work she loved. Despite her years in the industry, Angela also felt her diverse experience was undervalued and recognition scant. Several lateral moves to support her significant other’s career landed her in Dallas and ready for a change.

Travel had kept consulting off her radar, but Angela was convinced to talk to Two Roads when a connection told her how different it was from other consulting firms. Her experience, despite not being in the consulting space, was valued immediately. Angela’s varied career, strong project management expertise, and well-developed people & relationship savvy made for excellent transferable skills.

Angela has loved getting involved in the technical and strategic aspects of initiatives again, influencing results for clients, and getting to see the impact of her work. The mentorship model at Two Roads fills a void she experienced elsewhere; it connects her with people who advocate for her growth, and also allows her to flex that people development muscle.

Angela has made an impact with clients and coworkers alike – we love seeing her shine as a Two Roadie!