Craig entered the consulting world with Two Roads after nearly seven years in corporate finance roles. He’s used his previous experience and robust analytical skills to smoothly transition from corporate to consulting – the exact step needed to grow his career.

Craig graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in economics and minors in business management and Korean. While initially wanting to be a lawyer, Craig loved how economics combined his love for social science, math, and analytics. Working as a financial analyst at Union Pacific Railroad he focused on forecasting, budgeting, and analytics before pursuing his MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and completing an internship with ExxonMobil.

The MBA program pushed Craig’s analytical skills while also helping him build soft skills like negotiations and communication. Despite considering a career in consulting after graduation, he took a role as a finance manager with Frito-Lay because the high level of travel required by most consulting firms meant too much time away from his family. Over time, Craig burned out in the monotony of monthly accounting cycles. When he was introduced to a Dallas-based firm without the arduous travel, Craig finally took the plunge into consulting with Two Roads.

Craig uses his previous experience as a resource when working with clients, pulling from knowledge about corporate challenges, constraints, and politics to understand a client’s perspective. His robust analytical skill set from his years in finance allows him to build more advanced, insightful models and communicate with executives. Since becoming a consultant, Craig has leaned on that foundation to push himself in a rewarding new direction.

Craig loves the variety of work he gets to do as a consultant with Two Roads. He’s stretched his skill set as an analyst, learning to craft a story with the data and tailor the message to each audience to create an impact. Leaving corporate bureaucracy and competitiveness behind puts the focus on doing great work and keeping each other’s best interest at heart. He enjoys that Two Roads prioritizes work-life balance, allowing him to be a great father while still being fulfilled professionally. 

Craig brings a unique perspective to every project – thank you for taking the leap with Two Roads!