Sheerin’s experience at a Big 4 consulting firm left her feeling undervalued and unfulfilled. Initially unsure if a small company could offer the same “perks” and opportunities, she joined Two Roads for the magnetic culture and hasn’t looked back.

Sheerin started her undergraduate program at University of California, Berkeley with a plan to go to law school. By the time she finished her bachelor’s degrees in political science and media studies, a career in healthcare administration beckoned, leveraging her natural talent in the business sector in pursuit of helping people. She received her Master of Public Health from UCLA and was recruited by PwC’s Health Industry Advisory arm. While consulting hadn’t necessarily been on her radar, Sheerin was sold on the idea that she would have exposure to a diverse set of clients and challenges that she could learn from and carry throughout her career.

Five rigorous years at PwC sharpened her technical skills and business acumen, elevated her approach to leading teams, and fostered long lasting relationships with her clients built on trust. Her projects gave her deep exposure across the board, supporting clients from strategy through execution. Sheerin has always felt motivated by what is at the core of consulting: assessing and solving complex problems and helping clients achieve their strategic goals. However, the demanding lifestyle and burnout culture led her to leave the industry.

Sheerin moved to Kaiser Permanente and spent three years as an internal consultant, working primarily to improve patient experience, operations, and financial performance for various business venture departments. With plans to move to Dallas, Sheerin was introduced to Two Roads by her husband. Having only worked for large organizations, Two Roads offered something different, especially the balance and flexibility that comes with a local firm structure: time with family, focus on health, challenging projects, and participation within her local community. All supported by an amazing team.

Since joining Two Roads, Sheerin has found harmony and fulfillment in growing herself professionally while still partaking in areas that bring her personal happiness. Beyond working with her clients to drive success and help them meet their objectives, she has leaned into activities that support the local community, firm development, and growth of Two Roads staff through mentorship and apprenticeship. In her prior experiences, these things often felt like tasks that needed to be checked off an unofficial list of requirements to prove promotion readiness. At Two Roads, these have been true opportunities for Sheerin to develop, grow, and give back in areas she cares about – all with an exceptionally charismatic team.

Sheerin is a strong leader for Two Roads – we’re so glad she’s planted roots here!