Are you interested in becoming a Two Roads consultant (a.k.a. Two Roadie)? Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect throughout the recruiting process, from initial application to signing your employment contract.

1. Complete an Application

Whether you found Two Roads on LinkedIn, met us at a recruiting event, or heard about us by word of mouth, we ask all candidates to complete an online application to be considered for a role. Our open opportunities can be found through the careers page on our website. Applications for consulting roles are divided by experienced consultants looking to grow their consulting career, industry experts looking to transition into consulting, and MBA graduates ready to start a consulting career.

Once submitted, we’ll review your application to understand where you are in your career, looking specifically into your interests, education, and experience. If we see the potential for a mutual fit, a member of our team will reach out to start a conversation.

2. Start with a Short Introductory Call

The next step of our process is a quick introductory call. During this conversation, we will dive into your previous work experience, explore the path you’ve taken to consulting, where you are currently in your career, and what you’re hoping to achieve in the next steps of your career. This is also the time our team will share more about the work Two Roads does, the emphasis we place on culture, and what sets us apart from other consulting firms. 

Please take this time to ask us any questions you have about our company, culture, and team! We want to make sure this is a good fit for both parties. If there’s still mutual interest after the call, we’ll introduce you to a senior member of the firm.

3. Meet a Senior Member of Two Roads

For the next step, we want to meet you in person! A senior member of the firm will schedule time to connect with you for coffee or lunch to continue the conversation face-to-face. During this time, we’re looking to dive deeper into your experience (whether as a consultant, industry vet, or MBA grad) to explore the relevant skills you bring to the table. We also want to understand what you value and how you might fit into our culture while giving you an additional opportunity to ask questions and get another perspective on being a Two Roadie.

If there continues to be a mutual fit, we’ll schedule you for the final round of interviews with our leadership team.

4. Complete the Final Round of Interviews

In the final round of our hiring process, you will meet with several members of the Two Roads leadership team (including partners and principals) for three formal interviews that last about an hour each. 

The three interviews generally cover:

  • Work Experience: We’ll delve into specific experiences and examples to explore your core consulting skills. This helps us build confidence that your problem solving and critical thinking skills align with the type of work we typically do with clients. 
  • Culture Fit: Culture is a major priority at Two Roads and a huge aspect of what sets us apart from different firms. We’ll take this time to better understand your approach to the things we value, like relationships, collaboration, learning, and keeping things fun and professional.
  • Case Study: For this interview, we’ll provide a hypothetical problem for you to analyze, structure, and then deliver insights. This gives us a window into how you approach and explore a scenario, process information, and articulate your findings.

5. Become a Two Roadie!

If the way you think and the values you hold align with our work and culture, we’ll extend an offer. We love welcoming new Two Roadies to the team and provide all the support you’ll need to make a seamless transition to our company!

Visit our careers page to explore our current openings and learn more about becoming a Two Roadie.