Two Roads loves welcoming new members to our team; they inject peak energy and enthusiasm that pushes our thinking and enhances how we deliver value to our clients. But what makes someone an ideal candidate for Two Roads? For us, it’s all about connecting over shared values and a knack for creative problem solving.

A Culture Built on Respect, Commitment, and Fun

“Culture” at Two Roads is shorthand for our shared values and the way we reflect those in everything we do. As the underlying foundation for how we operate, culture is ingrained in everything from how we support clients to the way we communicate with each other. When considering potential team members, we don’t allow “culture” to become a hollow corporate buzzword or platitude – a not uncommon occurrence in today’s world of social media-savvy corporate communications. Instead, we make Two Roads’ culture (and hence, our shared values) a key factor throughout our hiring process.

Consulting, especially in the management industry, attracts sharp, challenge-driven people looking to prove they can make a difference; Two Roads is no different in that respect. But a huge part of our success story comes from striking a balance between professional and fun, being respectful, and rooting our decisions in a commitment to each other and our clients. Those values are a deliberate response to the experience many of our leadership team had in the consulting industry where competition and burnout frequently went hand-in-hand. Two Roads exists to provide a different environment for consultants who want greater authenticity in their professional life, better work-life balance, and a commitment to work together.

As our firm has steadily grown, we’ve seen how critical a strong culture and shared value system can be to building team camaraderie, nurturing relationships with clients, and enabling success. A foundational alignment on values fosters mutual trust and respect for each other and that joint commitment empowers our team to tackle our clients’ biggest challenges. 

Given the importance of culture, a big part of our hiring practice is the search for those shared values that unite our diverse team in a common commitment to our clients and each other. We’re not interested in whether consultants meet a predefined stereotype; we want people who bring consulting skills (more on that in a moment) and, equally important, represent Two Roads values. We want authentic, confident teammates who don’t take themselves too seriously, aren’t shy about bringing their expertise to the table, but also recognize their opportunities to grow. We want challenge-seeking, lifelong learners that can handle uncertainty and compete with challenges – not each other.

The Drive to Take on Tough, Complex Challenges

The ideal Two Roads candidates also bring those aforementioned core “consulting skills.” Some are already consultants looking for a different kind of firm; others are exploring a career change after years of experience in the corporate world or completing a graduate degree. Regardless of background, we’re looking for the skills we use daily that empower a candidate, if hired, to immediately contribute in a few areas and then continue to develop with the help of client-side experience and mentorship:

  • Can you analyze a problem, recognize the root causes, develop solution frameworks, and drive to answers?
  • Can you define a strategy, identify workstreams to deliver it, and execute against the plan?
  • Can you translate complex topics into an executive-level story and communicate effectively (written and orally) to decision makers?

Each of those questions help us understand how you navigate the “gray” – the circumstances and challenges that bring complexity, uncertainty, or unknowns. Our clients lean on us to frame the issues they face, structure delivery, and drive towards a solution. Operating all along the continuum between strategy and implementation means we value candidates with a track record of exercising big-picture thinking and then making it real by executing.

Ideal candidates are able to demonstrate consulting skills, especially those similar to the work we do. Ignoring your title, have you owned responsibilities around transformational initiatives (business or tech) or led a client/executive-facing effort? Have you been hands-on crafting narratives and been able to effectively present them to executive leadership teams? Do you have strong capabilities in developing complex models?

If you think the answer to all of the above is yes, let’s talk! Harnessing growth with an entrepreneurial spirit has shaped our company from the beginning. But at the most fundamental level, Two Roads is our people. Each Two Roadie brings a unique background to our collective team. If we bring in the right people, their experiences add fresh perspectives and connections. What does that mean for candidates? Represent yourself well, but represent you. Living our values means you want to meaningfully contribute, and bringing the consulting skills means you know how to get started contributing with us!